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Favorite from Pinterest 

My favorite pin of the week is this link to a terrific children’s resource (are you following my pins yet? You should be.) This short video – about a minute and a half – from Stress-Free kids is aimed at helping children with anxiety use  breathing to calm themselves.  A cute little sea child and sea otter practice a simple breathing technique.  Really engaging and age-appropriate!  

 While I was on Stress Free Kids’ YouTube site, I checked out a couple of their other offerings.  i highly recommend you do the same.  And, while you are at it, check out their website – packed with great stuff.

 Favorite from Twitter:

 My favorite twitter quote this week comes from Susan Vernicek @identitymag. Here is her very sound reminder:  “Fear is part of our identity, but we don’t have to let it control our identity”  Make decisions about who you are based on your values and principles – don’t let fear decide for you.

 Favorite Blog post:Surefire Ways to be Unhappy

I just love this poster I stumbled across on Pinterest this week. Yes, my favorite blog post of the week is one that I came upon through Pinterest (I might be a bit obsessed, you think?).

 What a great reminder that WE have the power to control our own happiness… or unhappiness.  The good folks  at Personal Excellence  not only provide this terrific graphic reminder, they have also written a really top-notch article going through each of the 10 sure-fire ways to achieve unhappiness.   

Peruse the list and see if any sound familiar…complaining?  avoiding?  comparing?  What about trying to change others?  Staying in relationships that don’t fit?  Doing things you don’t love?   Anything ringing a bell? Head over to Personal Excellence and read the whole article.  You will be one step closer to the happy, well-adjusted life you are after!


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