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 In Part 1, we took a close look at what triggers an angry response.  You should have completed the:

Please go back and do this now if you haven’t already.  

Part 2: Resetting the Thermostat

Now that we have a good idea of what triggers an angry response, and what that response costs, we are ready to get to work learning new, better ways of responding.  We are going to turn down the temperature on your temper!

Cooling of a Hot Temper

  1. Change Self-talk: Review Thinking Distortions: What You Think Makes You Mad.  Use the Changing the Voice in my Head worksheet to generate positive coping alternatives
  2. Snap Out of It!:  Put the power of your new thinking to use with a simple Thought Stopping Technique
  3. Learn calming strategies:
  4. Anger Inoculation: Use the Changing the Voice in my Head and Creating Coping Thoughtss worksheets to complete the  Staying Calm under Pressure

In Part 3, I will take you through the process of creating your own, individual Anger Management Plan.  Be sure to check it out!

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