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Special Place Visualization

special place visualization

Special Place Visualization taps into the power of your imagination to calm and soothe your body and mind. There are terrific resources out there to help you learn this relaxation technique. So, instead of providing a set of instruction here, I am going to help you benefit from all the great work others have graciously shared.

If you’ve been on this site much, you already know how I feel about the folks at Kids’ Relaxation.  They provide a WEALTH of resources for anyone working with little ones.  And, they have come through once again with a terrific post on Special Place Visualization.  It goes through a great explanation and even provides a script you can use with your kiddies.

Nancy Moore over at Natural Healing Health has provided a nice post going through the process of developing a Special Place Visualization.  Take a look and give it a try.

Nurse Practitioner and experiential therapist Joan Furman also has a really good set of instructions available here.

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