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We are finally ready to start building a personalized Anger Management Plan that will help you cope effectively with all those infuriating situations in your life. Before we get started on that, a quick look back at where we’ve been:

 In Part 1, we took a close look at what triggers an angry response.  You should have completed the:

In Part 2, we focused on learning new skills to help build more effective responses. You should have completed:

Please go back and finish up any of these that you may have missed.    

So you know what your triggers are.  You know the cost of an angry outburst.  You understand thinking distortions and have developed a whole bunch of coping thoughts.  You have practiced a variety of relaxation techniques and used them in the anger inoculation exercises. And now you are ready to create a written, personalized anger management plan that will help you put all of this into practice in the real world.  

Compared to the work you have already done, this is the easy part.  Here’s the four-step  process:

  1. Go about your normal life. When you find yourself in an anger-triggering situation attempt to use your new skills.
  2. Note the results from step 1.  Were you able to control your response?  Did you remember to use relaxation and coping thoughts?  If yes, GREAT!  Pat yourself on the back and repeat step 1.  If no, move on to step 3.
  3. Complete the Anger Plan Worksheet for the real-life situation where your response was not acceptable. 
  4. Using your Anger Plan Worksheet, go through the Anger Inoculation process for this situation. Take your time and really visualize the details.  Use the coping thoughts and behaviors outlined in your Anger Plan and visualize a more acceptable ending.

That’s it.  With these tools, you should be able to stay calm, cool, and collected in even the toughest situations.  Stay in touch and let me know how it works, will ya?

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