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emotional literacyThe Problem: “I’m fine”

It’s really easy in our noisy, busy lives to lose touch with our much quieter internal world.  We don’t have time to sit and reflect on how we are – we have places to be already! We have important stuff to get done!  We push. We go. We carry on. And the quiet voices inside get lost. Until they start to scream and shout and jump up and down for our attention.

Here’s the problem: if we don’t pay attention to our emotional responses as they happen, we will eventually experience a meltdown.  We will explode “out of the blue.” Or we will cry over something insignificant.  Or we will just not really want to get out of bed.  No one likes a meltdown.

The Solution: Get in Touch

The best way to avoid a meltdown is to tune in to your emotional life.  The more you learn to pay attention and to identify what you are feeling, the easier it is to manage those emotions.  And to share them effectively with those around you.  So here are a couple of my favorite techniques for building emotional literacy:

  1. Become Aware. Here is a simple exercise titled Mindfulness of Emotions that can help you get in tune with your internal life.
  2. Make a Note of it.  Keep a feelings journal for a few days.  This is a great way to learn how to “touch base” with yourself throughout the day.  Here’s a terrific little journal page to help you complete your Emotional check-In.

Stay tuned for some activities and handouts specifically designed to help you build emotional literacy in your children.  



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