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Refuting Irrational thoughts 1Like replacing bad habits with good ones, your irrational thoughts must be replaced with more rational, helpful  ones. Hopefully you have identified those thoughts that tend to plague you.

Maybe even filled out the BELIEFS INVENTORY.

Because now we are going to take a closer look at each of those pesky irrational thoughts spelled out in What are You Thinking.

And, we are all going to break free from the irrational chains that bind us to behaviors that just don’t work for us!

Let’s get started!

Irrational Belief #1:  

It is necessary for me to be loved/approved of by significant others for almost everything they do.

Rational Thought: 

It is not possible for everyone to love and approve of us.

When we try too hard to please everyone, we lose our own, unique identity. We are no longer self-directed. We become insecure.

Instead of trying to win the approval of others, we are better served by cultivating a life lived according to our own values and passions.

That, my friends, makes for interesting, likeable people! 

Countering Irrational Beliefs 1: Here’s a handy little printable worksheet to help you learn to counteract that voice in your head (and in your gut) that says it is a disaster if someone dislikes or disagrees with you.  Try it out.  You CAN change how you think.  And that WILL change how you feel and how you act.

Next up: Irrational Belief #2 – I should be thoroughly competent, intelligent, and high-achieving in every area of my life.  Don’t miss it!