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#7: Dealing with Avoidance and Procrastination

Like replacing bad habits with good ones, your irrational thoughts must be replaced with more rational, helpful  ones. Hopefully you have identified those thoughts that tend to plague you.

Maybe even filled out the BELIEFS INVENTORY.

Because now we are going to take a closer look at each of those pesky irrational thoughts spelled out in What are You Thinking.

Today, we are focusing on our tendency to avoid/ignore unpleasant things in our life.  Admit it.  Sometimes you play ostrich and just stick your head in the sand rather than face up to that difficult situation you’ve been dreading.  We all do it.  And we all know that it doesn’t really help.  Avoidance and procrastination can really undermine a happy, healthy life.  So let’s just deal with it!

Irrational Belief #7:  

The idea that it is easier to avoid than to face life’s difficulties and responsibilities

Rational Thought:

Avoidance of unpleasant tasks, and denial of problems or responsibilities, may provide some temporary relief.  But, later on, it’s going to compound the problem.  Problems have a way of growing and multiplying when left on their own.  By avoiding them, we only create a bigger mess for ourselves down the road.  And, that is NOT the way to a happy life, my friend.

Genuine happiness is much more closely related to a purpose-filled life than an easy life. And, you don’t have to take my word for it.  Read about the link between purpose and happiness in this  Chicago Tribune article.  Purpose is even linked to better physical health – read about that in this Huffington Post article.

Want to live a happy life?  Then dig into the problems and find a way to make them meaningful.  Deal with the issues in your life and then move on to something that contributes to your overall sense of purpose.

Countering Irrational Beliefs #7: Here’s a handy little printable worksheet to help you learn to counteract the tendency toward procrastination and avoidance.  Try it out.  You CAN change how you think.  And that WILL change how you feel and how you act.

Next up: Irrational Belief #8 – Do you feel like you MUST have someone else to help you navigate through life?  Are you constantly on the lookout for the perfect mate/boss/friend/mentor who will make everything alright?  Find out why that could be a problem next time.