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Unmanaged anger can wreak havoc both in your relationships and in your body.  Follow this step-by-step guide to throw some ice water on that hot head of yours.  All the worksheets referenced below can be downloaded in one file here or individually.

Part 1: Cause and Effect

The  four steps in part one are aimed at helping you take a good look at your anger response.  Make sure you take the time to complete this process – skipping it will set you up to fail in part two.  You are also gathering information that will form the basis of your individual anger management plan in part three.

Part 2: Reset the Thermostat

Now that we have a good idea of what triggers an angry response, and what that response costs, we are ready to get to work learning new, better ways of responding.  We are going to turn down the temperature on your temper! You will learn some how what you are doing feeds your angry responses and practice new skills to help you lead a calmer life.  

 Part 3:  Facing the Real World

We are finally ready to start building a personalized Anger Management Plan that will help you cope effectively with all those infuriating situations in your life. So you know what your triggers are.  You know the cost of an angry outburst.  You understand thinking distortions and have developed a whole bunch of coping thoughts.  You have practiced a variety of relaxation techniques and used them in the anger inoculation exercises. And now you are ready to create a written, personalized anger management plan that will help you put all of this into practice in the real world.

Here are a few additional resources that may be useful as well: 

  • Special place visualization: Use this technique to learn to relax your body and emotions on demand.
  • Anger Inoculation: Anger inoculation is part of the 3-part guide described above.  It is a helpful exercise used to practice appropriate responses in situations that might lead to anger.

And, some of my favorite books on the subject: 


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