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I can't say how happy I was to hear about the new project over at Masters in Counseling. They have just published their list of 95 great resources for counselors. The aim is to build a community in which counselors can collaborate, discuss, and share information. I think that's great and I can't wait to Continue reading
So, just last week I wrote a post listing 25 ways to cope with stress. And one of those ways was to help others, remember? That's why I was so tickled this morning when I came across this article by Greater Good. It talks about a new study Continue reading
Men and women ARE in fact different when it comes to stress. And, it is not your imagination - we are actually more stressed now than... Continue reading
Right now there are big concerns about how to help soldiers deal with the stress of war. There is a new urgency in figuring out how to treat PTSD, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Our Newsworthy Thursday story this week documents one new approach. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a type Continue reading
Think of this as a kind of follow up to last week's post about social media increasing social intelligence. A story in the Los Angelas Times this week reported that Facebook's appeal to younger users may be fading. Evidently these kids are looking for something newer and more mobile. New mobile phone apps like Continue reading