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Have you ever said "I'll never get over this!" or "I'll never forgive them for this!"? We all suffer hurts, disappointments, losses that feel like they will be with us forever. In that painful moment it is easy for us to over-estimate the devastation. Keep reading to learn how to use these moments to your advantage Continue reading
So far in this series we've looked at our irrational need for approval and perfectionism. Now it's time to move on to Irrational Belief #3 - our tendency to judge others harshly. Learn how to squash this bad habit that can really sour your relationships Continue reading
We are all shocked and saddened. We will remember their names. We will keep their families in our thoughts and prayers. We will hold our loved ones close and rejoice in every moment we have together. Continue reading
So, you had a bad day. Or you are in the middle of having a bad day. Or you just woke up but you KNOW it is going to be a bad day. You aren’t sure why but you roll out of bed feeling mad at the world. Or sad for no reason. Or frustrated by everything and nothing. But, the kids need breakfast and you have a big meeting at work so just pulling the covers over your head isn’t an option. How can you turn this day around? Try some of the following tips before you lash out at the nearest victim. Continue reading
It's a new month and around here that means we'll be talking about a new adjustment issue. Last month we looked at how tough it can be to become a caregiver. We watched our "old dog" learn a lot of new tricks - and learn a lot about himself in the process. This month we are going to the other end of marriage - to the newlywed phase. Our clients this time have been married only a few months. They are right in the middle of what I call the "newlywed blues." The honeymoon Continue reading