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I've been scouring the Interwebs again this week. What did I find? Identity Magazine, Sea Children, and a Guide to Unhappiness. Check out this week's Friday Favorites to find out more. Continue reading
Summer is fast approaching and that means a change in many family routines. As with any change, this one can lead to some stress for children as well as their parents. So I thought this would be a good time to talk a bit about stress and children - a kind of "primer" for parents on what to look for, when to act, and what to do to help children learn to manage stress well. Learning how to Continue reading
Maybe it's the strain of caring for toddlers, aging parents, or a sick spouse. Maybe it's trying to balance work and family. Maybe it's worrying about funding your retirement. All you know is that you are stressed out and need help. Sounds like it's time to add meditation to your toolkit. Meditation is not as exotic or difficult as many people believe. In truth Continue reading
You are so focused on taking care of your loved one and just getting through the day that you may not notice the toll it is taking until there are serious problems. It is vitally important that you care for YOURSELF during this period. If you don’t, stress will lead to caregiver fatigue which Continue reading