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What might help you Adjust for Life today?

Stress Relief

 Caregiving and Retirement


Parenting and Family Life

  •  7 Days of Deliciousness7 Days of delicious, home-made dinners, all under 8 ingredients and 15 minutes of prep time.  Great for new caregivers, new parents, or anyone facing a particularly grueling week. Inclues menu plan, recipes, and a shopping list 
  • Would You Rather: Here’s a fun way to help your children with VALUES CLARIFICATION. Use it while you are in the car, waiting in line, or just enjoying a quiet moment together. 
  • Problem Solving for Kids: Here’s a nice worksheet to help you teach your child how to work through tough situations.
  • You can use this Family Schedule Worksheet to help organize your new routine and post it for everyone to see. 
  • Family Night Cards: Print out this handy set of activity cards to make planning family night a breeze.  There are 10 pre-filled cards to get you started as well as a set of blank cards to hold all your family favorites!
  • Family Values and Rules:  Here is a great idea for your next family night – create a set of values and rules that are a unique reflection of your family.  This worksheet makes the process run smoothly.
  • The Four Styles of Communication: Learn about effective communication.
  • Family conflict resolution worksheet: Try out this worksheet the next time you are faced with a family fight.
  • Identifying Family Stress Triggers: Figure out what specific trigger heat things up at your house
  • The Family Mission Statement: Here’s a great way to build family cohesiveness.  Start creating your family mission statement at your next family meeting!
  • Family Safety Card: Make sure everyone is on the same page in an emergency
  • Family Emergency Plan Template: Make sure everyone is on the same page in an emergency

Anger Management

Emotional Literacy

  • Mindfulness of Emotions :  Learn a simple technique to help you get in touch with your internal world.  
  • Emotional check-In: Here is a great little journal sheet that let’s you document your emotional responses throughout the day. Use it for a week and learn more about your feelings.   

Irrational Thoughts

  • The 12 Common Irrational Beliefs :  Here’s a handy printable information sheet listing the 12 most common – and troubling – irrational beliefs..   
  • Beliefs Inventory Use this terrific assessment tool to discover which irrational beliefs you are most susceptable to entertaining..   


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