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Families NEED routines and structure in order to function well. Why? Because routines provide security and people NEED to feel secure. You can think of the routines of family life as the skeleton supporting everything else. But, how do you actually establish routines that work? Continue reading
Creating a shared vision of the family helps bond members by providing common direction and goals. The goal here is to create a sense of unity – which, in turn, will help diminish conflict. By the end of these activities, you will all be on the same team, working toward the same goals. Continue reading
Family. It can be a source of joy and security; a safe nest from which we fly out to take on the world. Or, it can be a spring of constant strife; a stressful, crazy place from which we long to escape. We all want to create the first version. But how do we actually create such a place amid the constant bickering and daily dramas? Continue reading
Disasters happen. Sometimes we have plenty of advance warning. Sometimes we don’t. The hurricane pounding the southeast this week gave people days to prepare or evacuate. Fires, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes are not so considerate. But, all of these events are facts of life. And, we all have to learn how to cope with the storms of life – both real and emotional. As parents, we have an extra burden Continue reading
We all have them – those special things we do every year without even questioning them. Perhaps we always make sugar cookies for the holidays. Or, we have chocolate cake on our birthday. Or, we sort out our clothes every fall. Traditions have a very important role in our lives. And for good reason. They provide Continue reading