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elder care

Over the last several weeks, we've been watching the progress of an elderly husband as he learns to cope with a new role - caregiver for his injured wiffe. Today we check in with him one last time. Here's how this reluctant new caregiver summarizes the adjustment process, the new skills he's acquired, and the lessons he's learned: "It’s now three weeks since my wife’s surgery, and I’m delighted to report that... Continue reading
It's been a few weeks since our self-professed "grumpy old man" got thrust into the role of full-time caregiver. Let's catch up on what has been going on with him, his injured wife, and their pets. (If you missed the first 2 parts of this story, you can find them here and here) "It’s now been two weeks since my wife’s ankle surgery, and things are starting to look up. Between the local Senior Center and my insurance company’s benefits department, I’ve been able to Continue reading
Progress! Medicare's new approach to familiar diseases includes meditation and yoga. Now seniors have access to holistic care shown to be of substantial value in the treatment of chronic illness. Learning to deal effectively with stress benefits the entire body - yoga and meditation are terrificc tools in the fight against stress. I'm so excited to see a shift like this taking place within Continue reading
Let's see how our frazzled retired husband (you can read the first part of his story here) is holding up after a week of caregiving. Here's an update: "Last week my wife had surgery She was given some painkillers and was sent home from this “outpatient” procedure. I had to procure the help o Continue reading
Your wife falls. Your husband is diagnosed with dementia. Becoming the person who cares for a spouse can happen suddenly or over a period of time. Regardless, the transition into this role is not an easy one.While motivation for taking care of one's loved ones is often high, the emotional and physical toll of caregiving can be... Continue reading