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Have you ever said "I'll never get over this!" or "I'll never forgive them for this!"? We all suffer hurts, disappointments, losses that feel like they will be with us forever. In that painful moment it is easy for us to over-estimate the devastation. Keep reading to learn how to use these moments to your advantage Continue reading
Anger that feels like it will explode out of you. Fear so strong you can't breath. Sadness that feels like it has no end. Strong emotions are challenging even for the most well-adjusted adult to handle. So much more so for kids! But we can help. We can teach our children coping techniques while they are young that will assist them throughout their lives. Continue reading
Okay. I’ll admit it. This post is way more for me than it is for you. My baby just moved across the state to go to college. For years I have been looking forward to and dreading this day in equal measures. I have fantasized about a clean, quiet home free of smelly gym clothes and week-old pizza boxes. And, I have been dreading the end of late night talks and Sunday morning pancake breakfasts and family game night. So, I cried on the way back from helping my very grown up and capable kid move into his dorm. And today, as a form of self-therapy, Continue reading
hildhood and pets are made to go together and kids learn a lot from the relationship they form with the family pet. There a proven developmental benefits including an understanding of responsibility, interpersonal interactions, and communication. And, the death of a family pet is often a child's first encounter with loss. Parents often face a double challenge Continue reading