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As you head out the door on a Friday, a coworker invites you to a party. Does the idea of spending the evening socializing excite you or exhaust you? Do you do your best work when energized by a team or do you work better when given some space and time on your own? Does the prospect of a weekend at home fill you with dread or anticipation? The answers to these questions can reveal a lot about your natural tendency toward introversion or extroversion. Continue reading
My favorite pin this week is full of fun ways you can use your senses to help combat stress. And let's face it, we can ALL use more tools to beat back the stress monsters in our lives. Especially in the middle of cold, gloomy January. Check out some of the great suggestions: Continue reading
Intentionally developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the most beneficial actions you can take for your overall well-being. The connection between gratitude and health actually goes back a long way. Throughout history, philosophers and religious leaders have extolled gratitude as a virtue integral to health and well-being. More recently, science has linked gratitude with better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, higher long-term satisfaction with life and kinder behavior. This one little mental habit – being grateful – dramatically impacts Continue reading
So, you had a bad day. Or you are in the middle of having a bad day. Or you just woke up but you KNOW it is going to be a bad day. You aren’t sure why but you roll out of bed feeling mad at the world. Or sad for no reason. Or frustrated by everything and nothing. But, the kids need breakfast and you have a big meeting at work so just pulling the covers over your head isn’t an option. How can you turn this day around? Try some of the following tips before you lash out at the nearest victim. Continue reading
I've been searching high and low, reading blogs and browsing pins. Check out the best of what I found this week! Continue reading