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So, hurdle number one for this couple was learning how to express feelings openly; how to talk to each other about issues before they festered and turned ugly. After a few weeks of spending focused, quality time working on that through the Marriage Meeting, they are now ready to move on two their second hurdle: how to express love... Continue reading
In Monday's post, I promised I would share a great tool for building connection and intimacy in your relationship. And I always keep my promises. So, without further ado, I introduce to you... Continue reading
It's a new month and around here that means we'll be talking about a new adjustment issue. Last month we looked at how tough it can be to become a caregiver. We watched our "old dog" learn a lot of new tricks - and learn a lot about himself in the process. This month we are going to the other end of marriage - to the newlywed phase. Our clients this time have been married only a few months. They are right in the middle of what I call the "newlywed blues." The honeymoon Continue reading